August 29th - September 5th 2015



Slovakia is a small picturesque country in the heart of Europe with fascinating history of transformation from being a part of two powerful empires; the medieval Great Moravian Empire and later the Austro-Hungarian Empire, through a democratic republic between the two world wars, a fascist war state and a part of communist Czechoslovakia up to the independent Slovakia of today, a proud member of the European Union.
It is a country of great diversity: from the peaks of the High Tatra mountains through the fertile plains of the rivers Danube, Vah and others, to its historical towns, galleries and open air museums, unique richly decorated caves, authentic folklore, up to the social and cultural life in the cities including the capital – Bratislava.
The Slovaks are known for their hospitality and will gladly invite you to see the many sights and natural beauties of Slovakia and to taste Slovakia’s outstanding traditional specialties including our signature sheep cheese, meat products and
delicious wine.
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