August 29th - September 5th 2015



Piešťany is the most significant spa town in Slovakia treating patients with diseases of locomotor apparatus such as rheumatism or posttraumatic conditions. Natural healing sources – thermal mineral water and unique sulfuric mud – are the cornerstones of the treatment used in the spas. These are located on the beautiful Spa Island which has an extensive park offering numerous possibilities for active relaxation.

The spas have shaped the history and character of Piešťany to a large extend. In order to attract visitors and provide
entertainment and pastime activities for the spa patients, Piestany offers a wide variety of cultural events of various genre throughout the year and enjoys a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

The town of Piešťany has a wide range of sporting facilities including a hockey stadium where matches of World Championships of Junior League are held, a soccer field, an indoor sports hall, which is in fact part of our school, Gymnazium Pierra de Coubertina, a nine-hole golf course, squash and tennis courts. Piešťany is also famous for its water sports such as canoeing, rowing, yachting or water skiing practiced on the Lake Slnava. There are also vast opportunities for hiking the many marked trails in the area, biking or horseback riding for miles along the river Vah, even roller blading. In winter you can take advantage of the nearby ski center Bezovec with its well-kept slopes.

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